Modern solution for an ancient problem

Who woudn't love having warm hands all the time

It is an advanced hand warming device. It is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, and can be used to warm your hands when extra heat is needed. WarmHands Pro provides warming of hands in many ways.

When you hold the device on your palm, we recommend a tight grip, to maximize the heat transfer. For best results, please wear loose mittens so that your WarmHands Pro can stay inside and heat both your hand and the air around it.

Tried and tested design 

Multiple accessories available

Best warming effect for fingers
When evenings get cooler   

Face warming feature,  longer tube for softer effect  

Unique desing for a hand warmer

maximum effect and safety    


Rechargeable battery

WarmHands PRO features a high quality rechargeable Li-ion battery with long runtime for those cold evenings and freezing winter days.

safety and quality  

Forget about all except warmth

WarmHands PRO is made of high quality materials and has safety features. One of the most visible ones, is the heat protection unit inside the tube. It protects you in case you accidentally inhale instead of blowing to the face warming tube, keeping the air cold in such situations.                                .

Face warming feature  

forget cold nose and cheeks 

When you feel like warming up your face, all you need to do is to blow softly to the quartz glass tube of the unit. Thanks to the high performance heating technology, you will feel the warm breeze in seconds                     

Adjustable temperature levels

for every situation, perfect warming results  

WarmHands PRO is equipped with an easy to use temperature setting. It help you to find the ideal warming level for any situation. And for maximum safety, set it to level 1, and it will never turn on accidentally.                

Warmhands PRO

High quality heat from Finland
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